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iPod Classic reanimated - Frankenpod

Posted by Niclas Wilhelm Hirschfeld on

After repairing my loved 4th Gen. iPod with a 32GB SSD, this time my target was my old iPod Classic.

This iPod was daily support for some years in my schooldays. On my last school day – exactly on the last – the internal 80GB ZIF hard drive died.

After nearly two years on the shelf, most parts are now in use again.

I replaced the hard drive, like before in the 4th Gen. iPod with a 32GB SSD and also replaced the battery. The back cover of the case of the iPod broke a little during the procedure.

Fortunately, I had a water damaged 5th iPod with a back cover in a very good condition flying around. The back cover was compatible and even the engraved memory size of 30 GB now nearly matched the SSD size of the Frankenpod.

The front cover of the iPod also had a lot of scratches in the black color, so I sanded it down.

Overall I ended up with a post-apocalyptic looking device with parts of two iPods that can be used again.